About that first location

Nestled in the quaint village of Mamaroneck, New York, Milk N Cookies is an upscale cookie shop with a focus on providing premium baked cookies. Offering a full cereal bar, Milk N Cookies customers can infuse their favorite cereal into ice creams and milkshakes. Giving them flavors they love in a dessert treat that is different, fun, and delicious! Oh yeah! They can also have a bowl of cereal, too!

About that sweet tooth

Milk N Cookies was created by friends who share a common love for their sweet tooth and a passion for sharing a breakfast fare with their own twist. Looking at the family-oriented Mamaroneck, they realized the village was missing a dessert spot that could truly bring family and friends together, but in a unique way. They created Milk N Cookies to be a place where kids and adults of all ages can come relax and enjoy amazing desserts.